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Find love in watches: Automatic Watches

Where to begin?

A quality wristwatch sets the tone of your day and speaks of your attitude and personality tremendously. Start your day afresh with a statement piece that embodies the spirit of human ingenuity and the beauty of traditional timekeeping. Today is the day you handpick a personal accessory to step up your wrist game with a style that is uniquely yours.

You chose your ideal partner for today, the Dynasty collection automatic watch which seems to exude elegance and class effortlessly. What not to love about automatic watches?

What is an automatic watch?

Automatic watch is a self-winding mechanical watch with a mainspring that is powered by the movement of your wrist, eliminating the need for batteries. To keep it ticking, make sure you wear it regularly or store it on a watch winder for better maintenance.

You can also find the likes of automatic watches in Cellini collection and our latest series in line, Vogue Collection. Learn how to invest in premium timepieces to add to your watch wardrobe and most importantly, bear in mind to find those that tells your story.